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The Matrix

New Zealands latest F3A design by Ewan Galloway and Team Bogworm.

* Winner of the 2001 Australian Masters

* 2001 New Zealand National F3A Champion

* 1st and 2nd placings at the 2002 Trans Tasman

* 2002 New Zealand National F3A Champion

Full 2 meter specs, carbon / glass epoxy fuselage, factory fitted pipe tunnel, cowl and canopy. Colour choice available. Foam wing & tail cores, plans etc. Kit Price $500 NZ.

Contact Ewan Galloway on 06 3740781 or gallent@xtra.co.nz

Kit Components

Photo's below show Frazer Briggs and Hamish Galloway (Team Bogworm) with the first two models. Both powered by the OS 140 EFI and JR Radio.

Click here for Team Bogworms 2001 Australian Masters Report where the Matrix was flown to 1st and 3rd Places in F3A.

Hamish Galloways Matrix's for the 2001 World Championships in Ireland. JR Radio and OS 140's.

Click here for more about the 2001 F3A World Championships in Ireland.

Bogans Matrix on fly by at the HMAC field in the Waikato.

Auntie, Bogan & Lurch at the 2002 Airsail Papakura Masters

Adam Butlers Matrix - OS140RX - JR Radio. Click here for his Homepage.

Jonathon Elliot "1 Can John" from Dunedin in the South Island. New Matrix with JR Gear and OS140RX.

Managed to fly the Matrix this afternoon, all I can say is you boys are BLOODY Legends.  That is the best flying aeroplane I have ever layed my hands one.  
Congratulations on one hell of a good design.  It's got bloody awesome power as well, point it up and open the tap and its GONE. 
Good shit fellas, can't wait for next weekend.
Below, a very happy John Rodgers "Ted" with his new Matrix. JR Gear & OS140RX. 
Teds comments in an email the day after test flight ... 
"I got a chill last night cause my bluey lifted the blankets off the bed !!!!"
Mikey Wilson from Dunedin in the South Island gets his new Matrix airborne at last.
Only took him a year after his mate 1 Can John, but made he made it the end, looks bloody nice too.

"Hey Bogan....Finally flown the thing!! and shes great"


Hot off the Gallent Composites production line, version III of the Matrix.

The "Matrix DZ", built by Ewan Galloway, will be flown by Frazer at the 2003 Australian Masters in April.

This new version of the Matrix features a thicker stab, a new wing planform, and YS's new Dingo under the hood.

Bogans comments following the test flight .... "bloody champion mate !"



Your Matrix not shown ? Email your photo's to frazer@pbgcomposites.com