2m Lazer 200


The Specs

Scale: 27%

Wing Span: 2m (79")

Fuselage: 1.6m (63")

Weight: 4.3Kg to  5Kg (9.5lb to 11lb)

Power: 18cc to 25cc

Standard Kit

Fibreglass Cowl

Fibreglass Fuselage with firewall already moulded in

Fibreglass Pipe Tunnel

PVC Clear Canopy

Computercut Wing Cores - Pre drilled for 7/8" Wing Joiner

Aluminium Undercarriage blank


Note - All Fibreglass parts come out of the mould pre-primed.


Standard Kit $360 NZ
+ Carbon U/C $420 NZ
+ 7/8" Carbon Wing Joiner $495 NZ


Spare Parts

Cowl - $70 NZ

Canopy - $30 NZ

Computercut Wing Cores - $80 NZ

Carbon Fibre U/C blank - $70 NZ

7/8" x 30" Carbon Fibre Wing Tube

Prices are subject to change. Prices exclude shipping costs.



The PBG Composites Lazer 200 – Winning IMAC throughout NZ for 10 Years !




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