At the 2006 Shootout Bogan managed to completely barbeque the new model two days before the Shootout, and ended up flying the old 3.2m PBG 260 on a DA-150 to 4th place.


November 2005

Following the Tucson Shootout, we brought the new Composite-Arf 260 prototype back to NZ for some testing down under. Its proving to be an awesome machine. Here are some photos of the 260 in action. Click here for more info from Composite-Arf.


October 2005

Once again the Kiwis made the annual trip to the Tucson Shootout. Bogan was on the podium again taking 3rd in the Invitational class. Click here for more ....



June 2005

Crikey ! Bogan went to the 2005 Bendigo Scale Aerobatic Masters in June. A bloody great weekend. Thanks to Richo who let me loose on his 3m Extra for the weekend, and the ASAA for a great contest. More Kiwi's will be back for the next Bendigo Master's in April 2006.

Click here for the pics...


May 2005

Composite Arf's are here ! Mike and Frazer are the New Zealand Reps for Composite-Arf. Click here for the full range.

This month Baldrick test flew his 2.3 Extra with DA-50 on pipe. Bogan has test flown his Impact with YS-160DZ.


April 2005

We've been too busy flying all summer, so it has been a while since anything has been added to the webpage.

New Carbon Tube sizes. For F3A, Mike has developed a light walled 30mm x 600mm Tube and Socket. The Tube weighs in at only 62 grams ! The sockets are so fragile, they had to be made from carbon also. Tube and socket is 87 grams all up.

Plus we now have a number of new Metric sizes to retro fit into your Composite-Arf.

Click Here for the updated listing of our Tubes & Sockets.


October 2004

Kiwis take on the World and win in Tucson !

The 2004 Tucson Aerobatic Shootout. Frazer Briggs 1st in Unlimited & 2nd in Freestyle. Grant Finlay 2nd in Advanced. Click here for more....


August 2004

Combined Asian Oceanic Continental Championships - Australia


January 2004

Click here for photos from the NZMAA 56th National Championships - Clareville - Carterton Sunday 28th December 2003 to Friday 2nd January 2004. 


October 2003

3rd place in Unlimited at the 2003 Tucson Aerobatic Shootout. Click here for the Report, Results & Photos.


The first ever Airsail Coolpower 1000 was held in Whangarei, in conjunction with the 2003 New Zealand Masters. Click here for more.


May 2003

Lots of action over the summer months since the last update. 

Frazer has been kept busy flying demo's around the country at various Airshows with the big Extra.

After 5 years of moulding TOC aircraft, Mike is finally building a model for himself. Its big and its ugly ! Check out Mike's new project here.

Frazer has just returned from the 2003 Australian Masters where he flew the latest Matrix version by Gallent Composites, the "Matrix DZ". Aussie Masters report will be posted soon. Click here for the pictures.

The Carbon Tubes page has been updated with a few new sizes. 



January 2003

The PBG range of Carbon Fibre Wing Tubes has been extended. Click here to see an updated listing of the sizes available, including metric & imperial, plus a new range of heavy walled tubes for you wing benders out there !

Contact details for a supplier in your area are also now listed.


Jarrod Briggs (age 3) now in training for the F3A World Championships Year 2015 !

He's flying his Grandads "Old Farts" machine on the trainer lead.