2006 Tucson Aerobatic Shootout

New Zealands Team at the 2006 Tucson Aerobatic Shootout: 

  • Frazer Briggs "Bogan" - Invitational Pilot

  • Mike Briggs "Baldrick" - Bogans Caller

  • Alan Belworthy "Ice Bitch"

  • Steve Richardson "Richo"

  • John Heigl - Moon Fire Patrol Officer !

Results .....



1st - Mark Leseburg

2nd - Quique Somenzini

3rd - Jason Noll

4th - Frazer Briggs

5th - Jason Shulman

6th - Bernd Beschorner

7th - Andrew Jesky

8th - Ivan Kristensen

9th - Jeffery Szueber Jr

10th - Frank Noll Jr

Bogans 2006 Tucson Shootout year was a disaster almost to the very end. While practicing up at near Phoenix two days before the Shootout, Bogan managed to completely barbeque the Comp-Arf 3m 260. A real bugger, cause the thing was on rails during practice, and things were looking good for the contest.

Kiwi's being Kiwis' were not set back at all. After putting out the fire, and sitting down for a quiet beer, it was straight into action getting the trusty old 3.2m PBG 260 into action. There wasn't a DA-200 available at the time, so it had to be converted back to 150 power. The old girl was test flown later the same day, and the locals who witnessed the afternoon shocked and stunned with how the kiwi's got on with the job, when others would have simply packed up and gone home.

Bogan went on to win the first round of the contest, and ended up in a credible 4th place.

For pictures of the barbeque, click here. Warning, these pics are not for the faint hearted !

For more pics of Team New Zealand at the 2006 Tucson Shootout, click here.


Mark Leseburg 1st, Quique Somenzini 2nd, Jason Noll 3rd, Frazer Briggs 4th, Jason Shulman 5th


Team New Zealand


Kiwis and Germans


Baldrick reveals the Official Shootout Boat Race Trophy ... its the only bit left of the ill fated 260, a melted stab half.


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