2003 New Zealand Masters & Airsail Coolpower 1000

Whangarei - October 25 & 26

By Ross Brown


Labour weekend 2003 in Whangarei was the scene for a fantastic event….

And so the story goes..

Thursday evening the advanced guard being Ted / Bill (glad to see your back..and front ) / Bogan / Mrs Bogan and ˝ Bogan Jr arrived at the vineyard for drinking rehearsals, splat humor and a bit of night beaver (more on this later). Terry and Dave Broad from the South Island had already sent their new Matrix Euro up to Whangarei via PBT. It was sitting at Brownys place unopened. After a few Rums, in our wisdom we opened it up, took the shiny new plane out and replaced it with a broken smashed up old Yak that had been in a ‘coffin’ for 7 years at Brownys. “Should be a laugh” says Bogan….. Bogan, Bill & Ted continued “shooting the shit” as the Rum & Bourbon went into the early hours of the morning. After the 4th round of “roadies” it was lights out.

Friday morning saw tents being pitched, Caravans and awnings erected, and pattern ships being checked out. Off to the airport at 9.45 to pick up Terry and Dave. Needless to say upon arrival at the vineyard they were keen to open up their box and put the new plane together. What a hoot !!! Terry’s face said it all…..Sh.t , F..k , *&^%$#@! Etc. Then he took a second look.

11am and again we are all off again, via the Warehouse and the Model Shop, to the Airport to pick up High Tower ( Rob Fenwick ) from Christchurch. In the afternoon we went out to the Whangarei Club where we set up the Poles, flight lines etc, and a few flights were had by a number of fliers. Soon it was back to the Vineyard for a number of ales, and electrics. Ted, Bill and Bogan all had splats so it was all on… well sort of…..Ted has a problem launching his splat through ! Seems the piss throw he does sends it to the ground every time. So a strategy was put in place. If Ted fails twice, someone else chucks it and then Bill and Bogan launch. Needless to say this was the order for the whole weekend. Combat was on and it was a laugh. Then Bogan offered the boys a bit of Beaver…..needless to say their eyes light up, they all sat down (cause they couldn’t stand up due to the thought of beaver) and Bogan brought out the Beaver !

This is an electric GWS foam Beaver which flies well but is best at NIGHT !

Following on from the BBQ, Muttonhead, Lurch and JB also arrived. The Beaver was in action and what a hoot! A must see at the Nats where there could be four flying at night !! A Few more ales / rum and night flying and off to Bed (Big day tomorrow).

Saturday was the NZ Masters and qualifying rounds for the Whangarei 1000. In Sportsman, Bill was putting up some great rounds with High Tower, Bill Pepper and Duncan Le Roux ( Phillip Duncan ) also competing hard. Advanced saw a real tussle between Browny and Lewis Avenell. They fought it out until the end with only a few points separating them. However, Dad (Gwyn), JB, Graham Duncan and Mike J ( Granny will return your plane one day ) all pushed for placings. In F3A, Bogan was in front with Aunty not far behind. Third was a fight between Lurch, Dave Broad, Ted and Muttonhead all competing well.


Saturday night was again a great BBQ, ales, rums and of course.. Splats and a bit of ‘Beaver’.

On Sunday after 6 rounds, the winners in F3A , Advanced and Sportsman automatically qualified for the Airsail Coolpower 1000….they were Bogan, Lewis and Bill.

All other competitors names were put in the hat and the draw was made.

The nine flyers who got the chance to win $1000 were: Bogan, Lurch and Dave Broad in F3A. Lewis, Browny and Graham Duncan in Advanced. Bill, High Tower and Duncan Le Roux in Sportsman.

The scene was set, the audience all seated (including a good number of Public spectators). The flyers drew there flight order out of a hat, and the $1000 flyoff commenced.


The winner of the first ever Airsail Coolpower 1000 was …. Lurch (Adam Butler)

Congratulations to all winners !

Sunday night was a large BBQ attended by many people at the Vineyard again, but this time we had a Bonfire. More ales, rums, wine, and of course…more Splats and Night Beaver. Touch and goes at midnight off the deck, Caravan, Tents etc were the order of the night !! many people having a go.

Time now for some recognition:

The Whangarei Model Aero Club for allowing the event to be hosted.

The Weather … it was awesome !!

Judges & Helpers on the days of the flying

South Islanders for making the effort

Jill Brown for fantastic food at the field and also the great cooked Breakfasts and superb Dinners each night !! Great Host indeed.

Airsail (Brian Borland) and Cool Power (Mike Sutton) who without their sponsorship and support this event would not have been possible.


See you at the Nats…….Browney


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